About Us

Promotional Products (swag) Consultant for Florida Customers.
Benefits of using our  services:
  • As YOUR dedicated professionals we will take the time to understand your specific needs.
  • You will greatly benefit from our expertise and knowledge on selecting a promo item and best uses.
  • You will have FREE samples to view on most items. Online item descriptions are rarely true to the original. 
  • You will save money and valuable time. We do the search for the right promotional items at great prices and help you avoid costly mistakes and poor quality printing.
  • You will be updated on the newest and latest promo items, decorating methods, trends and ideas. 
  • Your order will get delivered on time. 
  • You will have 30 days to  pay the invoice (most clients). 
  • You will never pay website or catalog prices!
Tell us about your next event, corporate meeting, sales goal, fund raiser... and we will help you find a promotional item(s) that is most likely to yield the results you want. We can help you find the product that can give you an additional advantage over your competitors and help you enhance your customer experience.
You want to be socially responsible? Are the promotional products you are considering sustainably made, organic, USA made, not from questionable overseas factories...? Are they safe and approved to be sold in the U.S.?
If you already know which promotional product(s) you need. It’s easy to get stuck on what you have always used. We offer a free consultative approach to give you other ideas that may be more current and/or relevant to attract new business.
Don’t just select a promotional product (swag) because it's cheap! Go for the one your customers are likely to use and "billboard" your message around.
We look forward to helping you with your promotional products needs.

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