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Edible Technology

# iCall 6 day production time$3.84 - $4.04 | Min Qty 125

Edible Technology tin filled with MicroMints (R). Everyone can make the connection with one of these devices. Communicate your promotion message with a tin filled with sugar-free Micro-Mints. Dimensions: 1 5/8" x 3 1/2" x 3/8". Please specify mints on order. Tin is recyclable and shrink wrapped for your safety. Patented. Non-melt product. Keywords: Ad, Advertise, Advertised, Advertises, Advertisement, Advertisements, Advertising, Business, Businesses, Campaign, Campaigns, Candies, Candy, Cell, Cells, Cellular, Child, Children, College, Colleges, Communication, Companies, Computers, Confection, Confections, Conference, Corporate, Customizable, Customize, Customized, Eat, Eating, Edible, Edibles, Education, Electronics, Event, Events, Fair, Fairs, Favor, Favors, Festival, Food, Foods, Fresh,Freshen, Gift, Gifts, Giveaway, Giveaways, Goodie, Goodies, Hard, Holiday, Holidays, Hotel, Hotels, Imprinted, Imprinting, Imprints, In, In., Inch, Inches, Individual, Individuals, iPhone, iPhones, Kid, Kids, Logos, Market, Marketing, Meeting, Meetings, Mint, Mints, Minty, Mitzvah, Mitzvahs, Movie, Movies, Occasion, Occasions, Office, Offices, Ounce, Ounces, Oz, Package, Packaged, Packages, Packaging, Pad Print, Parties, Party, Peppermint,Peppermints, Personalize, Personalized, Phone, Phones, Presentation, Presentations, Promo, Promote, Promotes, Promotion, Promotions, Reception, Receptions, Recycle, Recycled, Refreshed, Resorts, School, Schools, Seminar, Seminars, Show, Slide, Slides, Sliding, Snack, Snacks, Student, Students, Sugar, Sugarfree, Sweets, Technologies, Telephone, Telephones, Tins, Trade Show, Trade show, Treats, Wedding, Weddings

Jensen® Under Cabinet Bluetooth Music System with Alexa

# JAS725 JAS-7257 day production time$83.00 - $102.00 | Min Qty 1

The Jensen® JAS-725 is an Alexa-enabled Wi-Fi/Bluetooth stereo music system powered by the Alexa voice service. It's the perfect space saving under cabinet design that features hands-free convenience with far field voice-control to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more… instantly. All you have to do is Ask. Far-field voice recognition allows the JAS-725 to hear you from across the room and give you hands-free voice control, even while music is playing. Just say "Alexa" and play music, control your smart home devices, get answers to questions, set calendars, or get weather, news updates and more. The JAS-725 is also Bluetooth-enabled, so you can stream music directly from your phone or tablet, or connect directly using the auxiliary input jack with the included cord. The hands-free speakerphone with built-in microphone is great for multitasking on your Bluetooth-enabled phone. The JAS-725 also includes a built-in 4 x LED work area light and operates on 120VAC, so it's ideal for the kitchen, and can be mounted easily anywhere with under cabinet mount included.

  • Space saving under cabinet design
  • Allows hands-free convenience with voice control
  • Integrates with the Alexa Voice Service
  • Stream music from online services - Amazon Music & Tune In
  • Works with Wi-FI compatible smart home devices
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Hands-free speakerphone with built in microphone
  • Multi-function white LED display with clock
  • Digital volume control
  • Built-in 4x LED work area light
  • Mounting hardware included

Tags: JAS-725, fun, trendy, millenial, technology, functional, travel, portable, gift, tradeshow, award, raffle, home, office, business, youth, visibility, unique, house, techie, accessory

UPC: 77283907227

Jensen® Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Wireless Qi Charging

# QiCR50 QiCR-505 day production time$47.00 - $58.00 | Min Qty 1

The Jensen® QiCR-50 digital dual alarm clock radio offers a sleek compact design with two ways to charge your smart phone. Many new smart phones feature wireless charging and the QiCR-50 includes a top mounted Qi wireless charging pad along with a 1 Amp USB charging port for handling all your charging needs. If you have a smart phone that features wireless charging, all you do is place it on top of the QiCR-50 to start charging. You can also charge your smart phone by plugging your charging cable (not included) into the 1 Amp USB charging port located on the back of the unit. Also featured are two separate alarms that let you wake to the alarm or to your favorite FM radio station. The large 1.2" white LED display sits behind the cloth front panel and is large enough to be seen from across the room. Other features include a dimmer control, sleep and snooze function and auxiliary input jack. The unit operates on 120V AC power, and has a battery back-up feature for saving your time settings in case of a power outage.

  • 5W Wireless Qi Charging Pad for Charging Compatible Devices
  • 1 Amp USB Ports for Additional Charging of Your iPod, iPhone or Smartphone
  • Multi-function 1.2" White LED Display
  • FM Receiver with PLL Digital Tuning Presets
  • Dual Alarm Clock with Snooze and Sleep
  • Wake to Radio or Alarm
  • Auxiliary Input Jack for Connecting Your Digital Audio Player
  • Hi/Medium Dimmer Control
  • Digital Volume Control
  • Power: 120V AC Adaptor (included)
  • Battery Back-up for Clock: 2 x ‘AAA' (UM-4) (Not included)

Tags: QiCR-50, fun, trendy, millenial, technology, functional, travel, portable, gift, tradeshow, award, raffle, home, office, business, youth, visibility, unique, house, techie, accessory

UPC: 77283955020

Bose S1 Pro System

# 7879301120 787930-11205 day production timeCall for Pricing

You've got the perfect playlist, now make sure everyone gets to hear it. That's what the Bose S1 Pro system was made for. It's a portable Bluetooth® PA speaker made for parties, outdoor get-togethers and all those times that deserve better sound. So, whether you're streaming music wirelessly or plugging in a microphone or instrument, bring a pro, the Bose S1 Pro.

  • Big sound, to go: The S1 Pro delivers higher performance and portability, to make big sound more effortless.
  • Sound like a pro easily: Be the DJ with Bluetooth® streaming, make announcements clearly with the microphone jack or jam out with your favorite keyboard or guitar.
  • Built in ToneMatch® processing and Auto EQ make it easy to get great sound anywhere.
  • Place and play: Like having an audio engineer right there with you, the S1 Pro's built-in sensors and multiple aiming positions make sure you have optimal sound in nearly any position - whether it's on the ground, on its side, tilted back or elevated.
  • Grab and go: The S1 Pro was designed to be out and about.
  • The lightweight, rugged enclosure with the built-in handle makes it easy to carry and transport.
  • Included lithium-ion battery lets you bring big sound wherever the fun is, with up to 11 hours of playback.
  • Use the Quick Charge function when you need to recharge in a hurry.
  • Download the Bose Connect app to access additional options and features like Party Mode, so that you can wirelessly stream audio to a second system for even more sound.

Tags: 787930-1120, fun, trendy, millenial, technology, functional, travel, portable, gift, tradeshow, award, raffle, home, office, business, youth, visibility, unique, house, techie, accessory

UPC: 17817791113

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