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Stock Wedding

# PP-WEDDING-D 5 day production time$83.39 | Min Qty 2

This stock White wrapper comes with an image of wedding rings and ''Thank You for sharing in our Special Day!'' in a gold imprint. Filled with a Clear Mint. Perfect for wedding receptions, pre/post wedding occasions, thank you gifts for guests, or bridal showers. Keywords: Ad, Advertise, Advertised, Advertises, Advertisement, Advertisements, Advertising, Business, Businesses, Campaigns, Candies, Candy, Cased, Child, Children, Circle, Circles, Circular, College, Colleges, Color, Colored, Colors, Companies, Confection, Confections, Conference, Corporate, Customizable, Customize, Customized, Desk, Desks, Eat, Eating, Edible, Edibles, Education, Event, Events, Fair, Fairs, Favor, Festival, Flavor, Flavored, Food, Foods,Fresh, Freshen, Gift, Gifts, Giveaway, Giveaways, Goodie, Goodies, Holiday, Holidays, Hotel, In, In., Inch, Inches, Individual, Individuals, Kid, Kids, Logos, Market, Marketing, Married, Marries, Marry, Meeting, Meetings, Mints, Minty, Occasion, Occasions, Office, Offices, Ounce, Ounces, Oz, Package, Packaged, Packages, Packaging, Parties, Party, Peppermints, Personalize, Personalized, Presentation, Presentations, Promo, Promote, Promotes,Promotion, Promotional, Promotions, Reception, Receptions, Resorts, Round, Safe, School, Schools, Seminar, Seminars, Show, Snack, Snacks, Student, Students, Suck, Sucks, Sugar, Sweets, Trade Show, Trade show, Treat, Treats, Weddings, Wrap, Wrapping, Wrappings, Wraps
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